Shirdi International Airport

Shirdi Airport is located in Ahmednagar in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The airport is operated by the Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd. Some time back, on 2nd Oct, 2017, on the day of Gandhi Jayanti, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated this relatively new Shirdi Airport. The first flight from Shirdi Airport was flagged off to Mumbai, by the President. And, this flight was operated by Air India’s state-run airline, which is popular by the name of Air Alliance.

Shri Sai Baba Temple death centennial year begin at the day this airport was inaugurated. The airport seems to be one of the most anticipated airports in India. As, every year millions of pilgrims visit Shirdi. When it comes to visiting Shirdi from different parts of the country or even from the world, it becomes difficult to not have a dedicated airport in Shirdi. Therefore, the authorities sensed the need of an airport in Shirdi, and that’s how this airport came into existence.

Soon after Shirdi airport was inaugurated, various direct flights from Mumbai and Hyderabad started operating for the destination, Shirdi. State-owned airline, Alliance Air is presently operating various flights to and from this newly launched International Airport.

Shirdi Airport Terminal

The terminal working of Shirdi Airport is developed on 2,750 square meters of land and it can hold up to 300 travelers for each day. There are four local flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad flying out every week. Different urban areas will likewise get incorporated into the not so distant future as proposed. Partnership Air, TruJet and Zoom Air are the three carriers traveling to and from Shirdi as of now. The runway of Shirdi Airport is around 2,500 meters in length and its shelter can stop up to four flying machines. Its runway is fundamentally planned for the Airbus – 320 and Boeing 737 air ships. The runway will get stretched out to 3200 meters sooner rather than later for global flights.

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How to reach Shirdi?

Now, that we know that Shirdi has its own dedicated airport, therefore, the fastest way to reach Shirdi is definitely via flights.

Alliance Air presently manages all the 4 flights on a weekly basis, to and from Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. At the same time, there is also one of the other quite economical airlines, TruJet which also manages some flights from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad to the Shirdi Airport. Apart from that, the tourists can also choose to travel to Shirdi via Nasik airport or Aurangabad airport. Both of these airports are catering to the travelers who are coming to Shirdi.

After reaching either Nasik or Aurangabad airport, you would be required to travel to Shirdi afterwards as well. You can plan to take a cab (both private and shared options are available). You may want to take a bus as well. From both of these places, you will take somewhere like 2.5 hours to reach Shirdi.

How to travel from the main town of Shirdi to Shirdi Airport?

Shirdi Airport is about 13.5 kilometers away from the main town of Shirdi. You can hire a taxi to the nearby tourist spot. There are bus services available too to take you to various spots. There are nearby parking facilities if you have your vehicle.

Significant aircrafts traveling to Shirdi

The significant aircrafts associating with Shirdi are Alliance Air and Air India. Shirdi Airport is 15 kms from the Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir. Right now, there are flights from Shirdi that associate with Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.

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Contact Information Shirdi(SAG)Airport

Situated in Kakadi Village, Shirdi Airport is just around 14 km south-west of the main town of Shirdi, which is in the Indian state of in Maharashtra. The exact address of Shirdi airport is:

Shirdi-Loni Road,

Kopargaon Taluka,

Kakadi – 423107

Phone: 0242-320401/02423-246204

Airport Manager: Shri. Amar Khod

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